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Benefits of Exposed Aggregate for a Backyard

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One type of decorative concrete to consider for your backyard is exposed aggregate. This paving has been popular for years because it's filled with gorgeous colourful pebbles and stones. To discover additional benefits, read on.

Texture Provides Safety and Comfort

Exposed aggregate creates a textured surface that makes your backyard safer. As the contractors remove the top cement layer, they reveal the decorative aggregates underneath that form a bumpy surface with good traction. Exposed aggregate is ideal for pool decks that are often splashed with water. Also, patios, paths and driveways will be safer with this paving, especially when it rains.

Concrete services can add specific aggregates to customise the texture. For example, if you want a barefoot-friendly surface, they'll add rounded river pebbles rather than angular crushed stones that create sharper edges. The aggregate size also alters the texture. Ask your contractors for their advice on what's best for your installation.

Colour and Pattern Options

Exposed aggregate allows you to personalise the paving as you can choose between different coloured stones that will imbue the paving with its design. Stones come in shades such as red, yellow, grey, blue and tan. You can mix and match the hues to create a particular effect. For example, combine orange and blue aggregates for contrast. Contractors can also add pigments to the cement that shows between the embellishments.

Another factor that affects paving's look is the number of aggregates that you include. They can be more sparse so that a greater area of smooth cement shows. Alternatively, the concrete can be chock-full of decorative pieces that cover every square centimetre. The choice is up to you, and you can specify the look you prefer.

To precisely control the aesthetic, contractors can also individually seed the aggregates one by one on top of the wet cement rather than mixing them right throughout the concrete.

Easy to Maintain 

Exposed aggregate is easy to maintain so long as you follow the sealing recommendations, which will preserve the colours. Once that's taken care of, all the concrete will require is a sweep or hose wash now and then. A side benefit of the textures and colours is that they tend to hide any dirt, so the paving looks newer for longer. Conversely, smooth concrete can highlight irregularities and dirt on the paving, making it look more worn.

Thus, exposed aggregate offers numerous benefits. It creates safe textured paving that provides grip. You can customise the design by choosing the number and colour of the aggregates. Plus, it's easy to maintain. Contact a concrete service for more information.