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5 Reasons to Choose Decorative Concrete

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Whether you want beautiful hard flooring in the home or are simply looking to put in a new patio or driveway, decorative concrete may be the answer. There are quite a few reasons why you should consider this material in your home improvement projects.

1. Budget Conscious Design

All too often the most attractive flooring or paving designs are also the most expensive. Stone tiles for floors or flagstones for patios can be too much for the budget. Yet, you can get the same look and superior functionality from decorative concrete. The concrete can be dyed and stamped to match any colour and design choice you desire, allowing you to get what you like for a fraction of the cost.

2. Extreme Durability

No one wants to be constantly repairing or replacing their floors or outdoor paving, and with decorative concrete, this isn't a concern. Concrete, when properly installed, is extremely durable and resistant to cracks, chips, and stains. Any small damages that still occur can also often be fixed. Flooring options that are comparable in cost to concrete, such as vinyl tiles, are much less durable and won't have the same lifespan as concrete flooring.

3. Suitable In Any Area

There are few limits on where decorative concrete can be used. It makes attractive interior flooring, as well as works well for paving verandahs and patios, walkways and drives. It can even be used on vertical surfaces, such as concrete walls or built-in pedestals and similar. 

4. Completely Customisable

You aren't limited by the options on the shop shelf with decorative concrete. Not only can you choose the colour or colours of the concrete, but you can also have the paving dyed in a variety of designs or combinations to fit your needs. Stamping can make concrete look like stone, tile or any other material. Additionally, you can have actual designs and textures, like sunbursts, etched into the surface. You can even change up the look and texture with the addition of sand or pebble aggregates for a different look.

5. Easy To Maintain

One of the biggest reasons to choose decorative concrete is the ease of maintenance. Indoors, a decorative concrete floor requires little more than sweeping and the occasional wet mop, while outdoors you can simply sweep it and then hose it down to keep it clean. You can make maintenance even easier, especially outdoors, by having the concrete periodically sealed against damage and stains. 

Contact a decorative concrete service to learn more about this interior and exterior flooring and paving option.