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Choose the Best Overlay for Your Concrete Surface With this Guide

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Concrete floors are the best solution for anyone who wants to balance costs, functional efficiency and durability. It allows you to play around with the aesthetics of the floor, and concrete overlays are a good place to start. If you want concrete overlays, note that they are quite temperamental when you do not do the installation as required. You must adhere to all the manufacturer's data sheets and follow their recommendations to get the results you want from your concrete overlays. With multiple options at your disposal, it would help to go through a guide that will take you through the decisions to make. Here is what you need to select the best concrete overlay for your structure.

Stampable Concrete Overlays

Stampable concrete overlays are cement-based finishes that welcome staining quite well. They are a versatile type of overlay that you can use for both outdoor and indoor flooring. Typically, the stampable overlay makes your concrete appear like brick, stone, wood or tiles. The overlay involves raking your concrete surface to a depth of a few centimetres. The depth depends on the pattern you choose for your floor.

Note that the stampable overlay is not a solution to overly cracked concrete floors. You must repair such floors before doing your overlay finish.

Self-Levelling Concrete Overlays

Just as their name suggests, self-levelling overlays flatten out to form an even surface by themselves. You might have to do a few adjustments using a metal squeegee to achieve a perfect plane on the floor. You need to be wary when doing the overlay, especially if it is a do-it-yourself project. Preferably, hit the floor once after laying down the overlay. Overworking the overlay will be detrimental to its self-levelling attribute.

Multipurpose Concrete Overlays

Multiple concrete overlays are another great option that you should consider. In this alternative, you get a finishing with a high composition of sand designed for spray textures and re-brooming. You can carry out the spray texturing and re-brooming vertically, horizontally or via unique stencil patterns. Texture trowelling precedes all the above options as it creates a suitable underlayment for your multi-purpose overlay. This is the right finish for those who want to push their creativity to the limit. The use of hopper guns, brooms and trowels give way for multiple patterns.

In conclusion, concrete overlays are a good way of being adventurous with your concrete floors. Beginners should try a sample surface before working on their actual project. It will give you the confidence boost you need to play with the patterns.

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