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5 Ideas for Concrete Stenciling on Your Restaurant Patio

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An outdoor patio adds appeal to your restaurant and allows you to serve more patrons than you could with just an indoor space. Concrete is an affordable option, but if you want to add decorative elements to your patio, you may want to consider stenciled concrete. Here are some design ideas to consider.

1. Mimic High-End Patio Stones

Stenciled concrete allows you to enjoy the look of patio stones without the cost or the painstaking installation process. Additionally, with a concrete slab, you don't have to worry about the stones getting dislodged and becoming a tripping hazard. To have the best of both worlds, talk with a contractor about stenciling your concrete so that it mimics the look of high end stones.

Often, contractors can make a special stencil based on your favourite design. Simply find some patio stones you like, take a photo, and talk with a concrete professional about your options.

2. Go for a Wood Look

With stencils, you can also mimic the look of wood. A professional can stencil planks and detailed wood grain designs onto your concrete. You can choose to copy the look of your favourite type of wood, or you can even opt to have grey coloured wood with a weathered look so the concrete looks like repurposed barn wood.

3. Show Off Your Logo

Branding can be an essential part of a successful marketing campaign, and to foster your branding efforts in your restaurant, you may want to have a concrete professional stencil your concrete with your restaurant's logo. Consider going for a huge logo in the middle of the patio, or opt for repeating logos throughout the patio.

4. Outline Walking Paths or Patio Layouts

Concrete stenciling can also help you create order on your restaurant patio. You can outline walking paths to keep patrons, wait staff, and bussers in the right places. Alternatively, you may even want to put in stencils that show where you want the tables placed or to identify different sections for your wait staff.

5. Play With Styles to Complement Your Cuisine

When choosing the style for your restaurant patio, you may want to choose styles that complement the cuisine you serve. For instance, if you serve Greek food, you may want stenciling that looks like something you might find in a Greek villa. Similarly, if you serve seafood, you may want to mimic the look of a dock with your stenciling.

To get more ideas, contact a concrete stenciling professional. Ask to see a portfolio of their work, and talk with them about your restaurant and your style objectives.