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Guidelines to Ensure Your Commercial Kerbing Stays in Excellent Condition

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If you have just installed commercial kerbing in your property, your primary concern now should be how to ensure it stays in a perfect condition. One of the main reasons most residential and commercial premises install concrete kerbing is due to the minimal maintenance costs. However, this doesn't mean the concrete kerbing won't degrade with time, particularly if proper attention isn't provided.

Here are some tips you can employ to if you want to preserve your concrete kerbing's condition.

Apply sealant routinely

One vital maintenance measure that will prolong your concrete kerbing's shelf life is to make sure you apply sealant regularly. The sealant is even more essential if you stay in a place that experiences unpredictable weather patterns or at the coast. Concrete quickly degrades due to prolonged exposure to salt and precipitation. This eventually makes the kerbing crumble, necessitating replacement. Fortunately, the application of the sealant is easy and can be conducted as a do-it-yourself project; you won't have to pay extra labour expenses.

Remove stains often

While sealant will protect the kerbing from the erratic external elements, it's important to make sure the sealant isn't exposed to unnecessary damages. For instance, stains from oil or grease can compromise the sealant surface you apply on the kerbing, causing permanent stains. If the stains aren't removed immediately they are spotted, your kerbing won't be as appealing as it should be, meaning it will affect the external looks of your property. Use regular cleaning detergents to eliminate stains. However, in case you come across stubborn stains, consider getting power washing services to clean the kerbing.

Don't use de-icing chemicals

Using de-icing chemicals during winter months can be very convenient since they provide a quick method to thaw the ice that's on the kerbing. But, exposing your kerbing to de-icing chemicals constantly will make it start scaling. What's more, de-icing products contain chemical compounds such as ammonium nitrates and sulphates that will interact with concrete, leading to disintegration. The chemical reaction will make the concrete vulnerable; this is the reason kerbing is worse for wear immediately the cold months are over.

To eliminate snow and ice, consider using safer alternatives such as using salt; calcium chloride won't damage your kerbing. However, salt may harm the vegetation that's nearby; the application must be done carefully to ensure plants are not exposed. You still what to have your beautiful vegetation and concrete kerbing after the cold months.

To learn more about maintaining your kerb, contact local commercial concreters.