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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Resurfacing Concrete

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Resurfacing concrete in the driveway is a cost-effective solution to cover up the damage and restore the concrete slab. There are homeowners who choose to do it themselves, and there those who would let a pro do it. Regardless of the reason that you choose to get the concrete resurfaced, there are common mistakes that you should avoid so the job is done right. Moreover, by knowing what these are, you will make sure that they will never happen to any of your friends or family.

No Preparation

Taking time to understand the products, equipment and the time needed for resurfacing concrete will help you monitor the time and cost to complete it. This is very important when it is a DIY project because you can cause damage in a short time, which could cost you more. Failing to properly prepare the surface is a mistake when you are cleaning it. In addition, if necessary, using the right cleaners for the concrete surface is recommended.

Overly Mixing the Concrete

When resurfacing concrete, it will always involve mixing the right combination of ingredients. First of all, you should only use quality products if you want the finish to be very durable and long-lasting. Then, the mix has to be well-balanced, and you should never skip following the instructions that came from the manufacturer. Keep in mind that not all concrete mixes are the same, and they differ from one another, so always read the label.

Not Using the Right Equipment

When you are cleaning the concrete surface in an even and efficient way, you will allow the result of resurfacing concrete to turn out great. There is deeper penetration, as well as product adhesion so the life span is longer. It is important for any home to have a pressure cleaner if you want to have a better DIY cleaning process. Your cleaning equipment should have a litres per minute (L/PM) and pressure rating warranty and attachments to choose from, as well as the bundled cost based on the kind of package that might be a better deal for you. Read the recommended L/PM and pressure rating to avoid getting one that is not strong enough. This is also great for car maintenance, bins, etc.

If you are resurfacing concrete, make sure that you do not commit any of these mistakes because it will slow down the project. In addition, you want everything to go well and without any hassle.