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Critical Aspects to Consider When Renting a High-Quality Diamond Core Drill

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As a new concrete contractor, your choice of equipment determines the quality of work that is delivered to clients. Therefore, there is very little room for mistakes. For instance, you need to make careful considerations when renting a diamond core drill. Notably, a premium quality diamond core drill might be the difference between a successful project and a disappointed customer. Therefore, it is critical to approach the rental process with the seriousness it deserves. This article highlights the core features to inspect when renting a high-quality diamond core drill.

Drill Stand -- You should pay close to the drill stand when renting diamond core drill equipment. This is because the quality of core drilling depends on how stable the machine is. You want to make sure that the equipment's stand is rigid and strong to last longer. Most importantly, a strong drill stand will provide you with the necessary support, thereby ensuring accurate drilling. Additionally, a drill stand that requires less adjustment is better because there is very little maintenance required on the part of an operator. For this reason, make sure that the stand features a roller carriage rather than a slide carriage.

Quick Connect Chuck -- The amount of time spent on changing the drill bit on a diamond core drill can have a significant impact on the entire project. Since different core drills have different chuck systems, you must be careful with your choice. For example, a threaded chuck requires an operator to have two wrenches to change the drill bit. If you do not have these wrenches or if one is not functioning, then it will be impossible to change the drill bits. Consequently, it leads to costly project delays because you have to extend the rental period. On the other hand, a diamond core drill that features a quick-connect chuck ensures fast drill bit changes. Since the system does not require any tools, you can change the drill bits in minutes.

Recycling Vacuum -- For most new contractors, wet core drilling poses a significant problem mainly because it requires copious amounts of water. Moreover, when not properly managed, wet core drilling creates a mess at a job site which must be cleaned afterwards. It is thus vital that you ask the rental firm if they have a diamond core drill that features a recycling vacuum. Since this system recycles the same water you put in the equipment, very little water is used during the entire process. Furthermore, cooling water is trapped in a collection ring, and this ensures there is no slurry mess left behind.