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3 Pieces of Residential Concrete Cutting Advice

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Being a homeowner can sometimes seem like it is a never-ending process of fixing problem after problem with no end in sight. Sometimes these problems are self-inflicted, like when you decide to add on an extension or do structural work, and sometimes these problems just come out of nowhere, like cracks in the foundation or weird smells that come from nowhere. While lots of these problems can be fixed without the hassle of hiring professionals, there are some things you simply cannot fix without specialty equipment and knowledge, and this is never more obvious than it is with concrete cutting. 

Basement Extensions

If you are planning on adding an extension to your home, and you have a concrete foundation or basement, then there is a high likelihood you will have to engage concrete cutting to connect your basement to the new, extended basement. Concrete cutting services can provide all the tools and expertise you need to ensure that the concrete area is safely removed so that the addition can be connected. Trying to do this procedure by yourself, or without an expert in concrete cutting services, can lead to a damaged foundation and an unsafe structure. 

Windows, Doors and Other Openings

If you have a fully or partially concrete building, then any new door or window addition will require the use of concrete cutting services. While some dealers may advise you that they can install these openings with the use of other tools, only through the use of a concrete cutter can you ensure there is no structural damage. Concrete cutting saws are very complex, especially when used vertically, as would be necessary to create these openings. Depending on the thickness of your concrete, you may require a concrete saw that must be fastened to the wall before it can do any cutting. If attempted without an expert, this procedure is likely to end up with thousands of dollars' worth of broken material and damage to the house.

Subterranean Pipe or Wire Installation

If you want to add plumbing or electrical wiring under the floor of your concrete slab, then you will need concrete cutting services to find a solution. Sometimes people discover they want to add a second bathroom in the basement, or perhaps a laundry. The only way to add pipes in this case is to cut the concrete and install the pipes underneath the floor and then cover them with cement again. Concrete cutting services can do this much quicker than traditional jackhammers can, and the whole process can take days or even less, not weeks.