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Design Ideas for Concrete Kerbs

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Putting in kerbs around your home, office or commercial property? Want to go beyond the basic design and inject some style into your kerbs? When you talk with a concrete kerbing contractor, they can show you a portfolio and help you come up with design ideas. In the meantime, you may want to consider the following. 


Concrete kerbs can feature traditional concrete poured and shaped on-site or created using moulds, but you can also create kerbs from bricks. Bricks lend an upscale look to nearly any project. They are especially nice around walking paths or patio kerbs.


When deciding where you need kerbs, you don't necessarily have to stick to straight lines. Instead, you can opt for curves. For instance, if you are putting a parking lot in front of a shopping centre or an office building, you may want to have one edge be curved to enhance the look of your landscaping.

Built-In Planters

Kerbs can double as other objects. To explain, imagine you are putting in kerbing around a walking path, but you also want to add flowers. You may want to extend some of the kerbs so that they can double as planters. In this situation, one side of the kerb acts as a boundary between the path and the planter, and the other side works as a kerb between the grass and the planter, helping to keep your landscaping more organised.

Alternating Colours

Whether you go for traditional concrete, brick kerbs, built-in planters, curves, straight lines or any other design, you may want to add some alternating colours to your design. You can use concrete that has been dyed to create a colour contrast between the kerb and your asphalt parking lot. With bricks, you can use a different colour for each brick to create an alternating or rainbow effect.


Paint can help make your kerb colourful, but you can also use paint in other ways. You can stencil words or logos onto your kerbs. This can be especially helpful if you want to put in designated parking areas or if you want your business logo on the kerbs around your commercial space.

Stamp or Acid Wash

Over time paint can flake, so you may want to explore stamps or acid wash. A concrete contractor uses special dyes and tools to create the design of your choice. You may be able to get this done by your kerb contractor, or you may have to hire a specialist once the kerbs are already installed.